Working in Aged Care

Aged Care Jobs Expo

Work for the Dole

The Commonwealth Work for the Dole program commenced on 1 July 2014.  It covers job seekers aged 18-30 in selected locations.  Job seekers need to work between 12-15 hours a week for 6 months.  Gardening or maintenance in aged care facilities are explicitly included. Work for the Dole co-ordinators have been established in Fairfield/Liverpool; Nepean/Outer Western Sydney; Central coast; Shoalhaven; Tweed/NorthCoast, Richmond; Coffs Harbour/McLeay/Hastings.  More information is available Here.  This program, or any other volunteering, can be a great way to start a career in aged care as we find many of our volunteers later join us as staff.

Careers in Aged Care - Can't Do It Without You

Find out what types of jobs are available in the aged and community care sector from young people who work there.

This video courtesy of Aged & Community Services SA & NT Inc.

You can learn as you earn, negotiate flexible work arrangements and most of all provide a service you can feel proud of. The people filmed in this video use their own words to describe their experience working in the sector.
Getting Qualifications
ACS Education and Training offers qualifications for people already working in the aged care sector.
For more information on qualifications and Registered Training Organisations see the Australian Government website.