Industry Alerts/Risk Issues

From time to time the Committee assisting us with implementation issues for sprinklers will encounter an issue that needs special attention.  We will do our best to represent the views of various operators in the industry and bring to your attention matters that may impact on your plans to retrofit sprinklers.  These issues are for your information and will not replace you seeking professional opinions from the experts you are paying to do the work.

Postponement criteria may not be easy to meet
Many providers thought they would apply for a postponement, giving them until 1 March 2017.  That is still an option, but you need to think very carefully before undertaking such a step and the application has to be made prior to 1 March 2015.  Please read this document: Industry Alert Sep 2014.docx

Feedback on use of plastic pipes
There is  some concern being expressed in the industry that using plastic pipes as part of your system for retrofitting sprinklers may incur some difficulty in achieving compliance with the Australian Standards and the manufacturer’s requirements.  There is a considerable number of factors that need to be considered in consultation with your designer.  There is complexity in working within the manufacturer’s requirements in order to achieve the warranty and protect the effectiveness of the system. 

If you choose to use plastic pipes you must be very sure the system presented to you is compliant with the Australian Standards and the manufacturer’s requirements.  To assist you in making this decision you should read these attachments and discuss them with the designers of your system.  You must get your designer to explicitly sign off on compliance of any system you choose.

Qld Coroner Report on Pink Batts - April 2014.docx
Case Study RACF Update - August 2013.docx
CPVC Pipework in Concealed Spaces.pdf