ACSA Submissions/Documents

Workforce Strategy framework Nov 2016.pdf
Funding Principles 8 Nov. 2016.pdf
DHS Aged Care Systems - ACSA submission October 2016.pdf
Performance Audit of Indigenous Aged Care - October 2016.pdf
ACSA Response to CFR Engagement Questions.pdf
Peak body calls for urgent funding review - 140916.docx
ACSA Submission to Senate Inquiry Omnibus Bill 7 Sept 2016.pdf
ACSA letter to DoH re publication of non-compliance for home care services.pdf
ACSA submission ALRC Inquiry into Elder Abuse August 2016.PDF
ACSA Response to Human Services Inquiry Issues Paper, 1 August 2016.pdf
DSS - integrated carer support service FINAL SUBMISSION 14 June 2016.pdf
ACSA Increasing Choices in HC Submission - 9 JUNE 2016.pdf
ACSA submission on Cost Recovery - 1 June 2016.pdf
Letter to DHS DoH Means test and payment issues 3 May 2016.pdf
Letter to DoH re My Aged Care and Data Exchange 28 April 2016.pdf
12 April 2016 letter to Nick Ryan (AACQA) re consumer comments in audit reports.pdf
ACSA Submission - Benchmarking under Data Exchange 9 February 2016.pdf
ACSA feedback - Aged Care Legislation Amendment (Increasing Consumer Choice) Act 2016.docx
ACSA 2016-17 Pre Budget submission - 5 Feb 2016.pdf
Media Release - Pleas around Entertainment Benefit Ignored - 16 Oct 2015.pdf
ACSA Submission - Embedding CDC Principles in Leglisation - 8 May 2015.pdf
ACSA Submission - CHSP Draft documents.pdf
ACSA 2015 pre-budget submission.pdf
ACSA Housing Position Paper - January 2015.pdf
Ministerial Dementia Forum - options paper summary - December 2014.docx
ACSA Response to ACAR - 4 December 2014.pdf
2014 ACSA National Aged Care Awards Winners - 7 September 2014.docx
ACSA Workforce White Paper - July 2014.pdf
ACSA Submission on Subordinate Legislation No 3 - June 2014.pdf
ACSA Budget response - 13 May 2014.pdf
Privacy Policy Template - 29 April 2014.docx
Response from Minister Dutton - 15 April 2014.pdf
ACSA Report re HCP consumers receiving services that exceed package budget - April 2014.pdf
Response re Medicare Claims March 2014.pdf
ACSA Red Tape Reduction - 19 March 2014.pdf
Letter to Minister Dutton re Medication Reviews - March 2014.pdf
Letter from ACSA re Medicare Claim Problems - 19 Feb 2014.pdf
ACSA 2014-15 Budget Submission.pdf