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Making a Difference - Language and Culture in the Home Care Standards 2016.pdf
CHSP Forum Resource List.pdf
HCP Fee Flow Chart - July 2015.pdf
NSW Home Care - Home Support Notification Matrix - 20 May 2015.pdf
ACT Home Care - Home Support Notification Matrix - 20 May 2015.pdf
Special Needs Groups Resource Lists - March 2014.docx
iNotice Media release March 2014.docx

Better Practice FAQs.pdf
Better Practice Information Sheet 1.pdf
Better Practice Information Sheet 2.pdf
ADHC - Overview of The Better Practice Project.pdf
ADHC - Demonstration Projects.pdf
ADHC - BP Discussion.pdf
ADHC - A Handbook For Community Care Brochure.pdf
Enhancing the Lives of Older Refuguess Resource Final.pdf

Sample Care Plans:

These Care Plans have been developed in response to enquiries from ACS Members seeking guidance and support and feedback from Service Providers during the Community Care Common Standards project.  They are not prescriptive and can be amended depending on the procedures and service needs of the organisation.  The sample plans are intended to assist Service Providers to meet the Community Care Common Standards.

ACS would like to acknowledge and thank the representatives on the working party for their informed input.

Julie Anderson - Aged & Community Services - Consultant
Michelle Newman - Aged & Community Services - Manager HACC Transition Team
Melinda Paterson - Southern Community Care Development Inc - HACC Development Officer
Lorraine Poulos - Lorraine Poulos & Assoc. - Consultant
Janice Poynton - Aged & Community Services - Senior Project Officer
Ingrid Rikkert - Impuls Consultancy - Consultant
Leanne Trindall - Aged & Community Services - Aboriginal HACC Development Officer
Ruth Wilson - Aged & Community Services - Community Care Policy Advisor

Care Plan template A.docx
Care Plan template B.docx