Sector Development - Sutherland

The ACS Sector Development Officer – Sutherland Project, is jointly funded by the Australian Government through the Community Home Support Program (CHSP) and the NSW Government through the Community Care Supports Program (CCSP). 

The key objectives include:

Build the capacity of Commonwealth Home Support Programme providers to deliver entry-level community aged care services.
Promote collaboration and partnerships that support the development of the community aged care services system in a way that meets the aims of the programme and broader aged care system.
Provide guidance to stakeholders to support the transition to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and access to aged care services
Demonstrate leadership and provide advice on relevant sector management and service delivery issues.

The overall aim is to support, develop and build the capacity of the service system (in the specified locations) to:

provide quality entry level support services to frail, older people and younger people with disabilities to assist them to live independently and in the community; and
be inclusive of all people.