2017 Eora Elders Olympics

Planning is underway for the third annual Eora Elder’s Olympics event. Be part of this great local event and get involved, compete in traditional Aboriginal games such as Gorri & Kee An as well as non-traditional games including Quoits, Tunnel Ball & Relay. The 2017 Eora Elders Olympics will be held during Seniors Week, 3rd March 2017 at the Robyn Webster Sports Centre, Holbeach Avenue, TEMPE. 9.30am - 3pm.

This event will provide Aboriginal Elders with an opportunity to enjoy and participate in sporting and recreational activities that will promote good health and active ageing.

The Eora Elders Olympics is collaboration between local Aboriginal community, age care providers (both Aboriginal and mainstream), local councils, Sport and Recreation, Health and FaCS.

This event has been developed in response to the local Aboriginal community wanting more community cultural events that promote active living and good health for our older Aboriginal people.

In 2015 we held our first Eora Elders Olympics. This project was initiated by the Aboriginal CHSP Development project auspiced by Aged and Community Services (ACS) NSW & ACT.  This initiative was a true collaboration with the local Aboriginal community, Aboriginal and mainstream age care providers, councils, Health, Sport and Recreation and FaCS.

Five teams participated in both 2015 and 2016 events, team members were drawn from the clients of the five Aboriginal aged service providers in the local area. Participants were 50 years+ and accessing CHSP/HCP services from these five providers:

Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care
Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation
Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation
Aboriginal Medical Centre (Redfern)
Australian Unity (Aboriginal Branch) Alexandria

Students from the Eora Media Unit at TAFE filmed the 2015 event

ABC Radio attended and conducted interviews at the 2016 event.


Live on ABC 702 Sydney with Wendy Harmer.

Link to the article on ABC 702 Sydney
Individual teams design their own banners and uniforms to display and wear on the day, representing there team with great pride. Although the games where very competitive, everyone played in the spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship. Clients had so much fun coming together for a happy occasion, rather than Sorry Business which is sadly the case too often.

Around 350 people attend the events throughout the day including the Elder olympians, carers, students, volunteers and families. The Elder olympians engage in modified sporting activities competing in a friendly environment. Elders were also connected to expert advice relating to health & well being to address their nutritional, physical & recreational needs in the lead up, during and after each event which empowers Elders to live healthily.

This project is supporting and has strengthened the connections in the community by preserving Aboriginal culture through the Elder Olympics with the inclusion of traditional Aboriginal games. The Elders Olympics is also strengthening connections across communities and sponsoring pride in Aboriginal culture amongst the many different Aboriginal groups within the South East Sydney and Inner West Areas.

For further information please contact: Gai Marheine 02 8754 0400 or 0408 426 475, alternatively you can email Gai at GaiM@acs.asn.au.