General Aged Care Reform Documents

Summary of MAC system changes-September 2016.pdf
My Aged Care registration – new providers 14.7.16.pdf
Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles - Final PDF - September 2015.pdf
Aged Care System - Planning for the Future table - FINAL.pdf
DEX Presentation - CHSP workshop 6 April 2016.pdf
Summary of My Aged Care Changes - April 2016.pdf
Healthdirect Australia MAC and Carers Gateway Update 15 - 2016.pdf
Carer Gateway Communications Kit.pdf
ACSA Rep NACA Gateway Report - Nov 2015.pdf
National Carer Gateway - An information sheet for organisations providing carer support services - 18 November 2015.pdf
National Carer Gateway - Frequently asked questions about service finder registration - 18 November 2015.pdf
Summary of My Aged Care System Changes - October 2015.pdf
My Aged Care Communique - 8 October 2015.pdf
My Aged Care Update - 12 August 2015 - Viewing Client Information Cheat Sheet.pdf
My Aged Care Update - 29 July 2015 - Residential Respite Service Information.pdf
DSS Communique Re My Aged Care – 24 July 2015.pdf
Certainty for HCSP.pdf
Readiness for Stage two of My Aged Care.pdf
Message from DHS - Provider Update May 2015.pdf
Message from DHS - Quarterly Review and AdHoc Review - May 2015.pdf
Questions to the Senate - 2 March 2015.pdf
DRAFT Commonwealth Home Support Programme Manual - 2 March 2015.pdf
DRAFT CHSP National Fees Policy Consultation Paper - 2 March 2015.pdf
DRAFT Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches - 2 March 2015.pdf
My Aged Care - Overview of Provider Portal.docx
Whats Next For My Aged Care - 18 Dec 2014.pdf
DSS Generic letter re HACC Service Group 2 Oct 2014.DOCX
Newsletter for Providers - 25 September 2014.pdf
Advice re Guide to Aged Care Law - September 2014.pdf
Dept Response to joint ACSA LASA SCS Letter - September 2014.pdf
Significant refurbishment supplement ‘not under review’
Joint Letter to DSS re Specified Care and Services - September 2014.pdf
Update from DHS - 10 September 2014.docx
Fifield response to Sprinklers and Significant Refurbishments - 21 July 2014.pdf
DSS Reform Implementation Update Aug 2014.pdf
Changes to Care of Residential Aged Care Recipients from 1 July 2014.pdf
New Forms 1 July 2014, Summary as at 3 July.docx
ACS Template Residential Fee Choice Letter - 2 July 2014.docx
ACS Template HCP Fee Choice Letter - 2 July 2014.docx
Victorian Outcomes Report - National Assessment Framework Tool - Victorian HACC validation trial - October 2013.pdf
ACRIC 2nd Bi-Annual Report 1 Jan-30 Jun 2013.pdf