NSW & ACT Courses

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TitleBegin DateVenueCity
Leisure & Lifestyle Practical Workshop09/05/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW083
Putting the "Business" Into Your Home Care Service11/05/2017Holy Spirit DubboDubbo NSW 2830L17CNSW089
Understanding the Home Care Reforms in CHSP and HCP15/05/2017Marco Polo Unanderra Care ServicesUnanderra NSW 2526L17CNSW092
Community Care: Introduction to the Sector17/05/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW093
Customer Service17/05/2017Key2LearningWatson ACT 2602L17CNSW094
Fundamentals of Employee Relations18/05/2017Amaroo Aged CareBerrigan NSW 2712L17CNSW137
ACFI in Practice19/05/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW096
Fundamentals of Employee Relations22/05/2017Autumn LodgeArmidale NSW 2350L17CNSW097
Retirement Village Management22/05/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW098
Leisure & Lifestyle Practical Workshop23/05/2017McLean CareInverell NSW 2360L17CNSW136
Marketing Savvy23/05/2017Mackellar Care ServicesGunnedah NSW 2380L17CNSW138
Putting the "Business" Into Your Home Care Service24/05/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW099
Customer Service24/05/2017Bathurst RSL ClubBathurst NSW 2795L17CNSW100
Marketing Savvy24/05/2017Holy Family ServicesMarayong NSW 2148L17CNSW139
Retirement Village Management - One Day Intensive25/05/2017Blue Wave LivingWoy Woy NSW 2256L17CNSW101
Residential Aged Care Funding in a Nutshell25/05/2017Garden VillagePort Macquarie NSW 2444L17CNSW102
Dementia Care: A Practical Person Approach26/05/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW103
Leisure & Lifestyle Practical Workshop30/05/2017Holy Spirit DubboDubbo NSW 2830L17CNSW104
Customer Service31/05/2017St Andrews VillageBallina NSW 2478L17CNSW105
Retirement Village Management - One Day Intensive01/06/2017Imlay District Nursing HomePambula NSW 2549L17CNSW106
Relaxation Therapy01/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW134
Dementia Care: A Practical Person Approach02/06/2017Mackellar Care ServicesGunnedah NSW 2380L17CNSW107
ACFI in Practice05/06/2017Marco Polo Unanderra Care ServicesUnanderra NSW 2526L17CNSW108
Fundamentals of Employee Relations06/06/2017Kanandah RetirementMudgee NSW 2850L17CNSW109
CDC: Goal Setting06/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW110
CDC: Balancing Risk & Choice06/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW111
Understanding Quality Review07/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW112
Community Care: Introduction to the Sector08/06/2017Lutheran Aged CareAlbury NSW 2640L17CNSW113
ACFI Validation09/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW114
Are You Ready? The Baby Boomers Are on the Way!!13/06/2017Blue Wave LivingWoy Woy NSW 2256L17CNSW115
Practical Activities for Leisure Programs13/06/2017Blue Wave LivingWoy Woy NSW 2256L17CNSW116
Communication Skills14/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW117
Fundamentals of Employee Relations15/06/2017Sawtell Catholic Care of the AgedToormina NSW 2452L17CNSW118
Practical Solutions for Work Health and Safety16/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW119
Defensible Documentation: Made Easy19/06/2017St Andrews VillageBallina NSW 2478L17CNSW120
Coronial Inquiries20/06/2017St Andrews VillageBallina NSW 2478L17CNSW121
Community Care: Introduction to the Sector20/06/2017Anglican CareBooragul NSW 2284L17CNSW122
Understanding Accreditation20/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW123
Customer Service21/06/2017Nazareth CareTamworth NSW 2340L17CNSW124
Community Care: Introduction to the Sector22/06/2017Imlay District Nursing HomePambula NSW 2549L17CNSW125
Dementia Care: A Practical Person Approach23/06/2017Key2LearningWatson ACT 2602L17CNSW126
Using Computer Technology in Leisure Services27/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW127
ACFI Questions and Documentation Workshop28/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW128
Leadership28/06/2017Wagga RSL ClubWagga Wagga NSW 2650L17CNSW129
Words & Music Creative Activities for Social Support Groups29/06/2017Amaroo Aged CareBerrigan NSW 2712L17CNSW095
Residential Aged Care Funding in a Nutshell29/06/2017ACS OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW130
Retirement Village Management - One Day Intensive29/06/2017Lutheran Aged CareAlbury NSW 2640L17CNSW131
ACFI in Practice17/07/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW140
ACFI in Practice19/07/2017Key2learningWatson ACT 2602L17CNSW142
Conflict Resolution19/07/2017Dougherty Villa - Clarence Village LtdGrafton NSW 2460L17CNSW143
ACFI Validation25/07/2017Amaroo Aged CareBerrigan NSW 2712L17CNSW149
Community Care: Introduction to the Sector26/07/2017UPA Central WestOrange NSW 2800L17CNSW151
ACFI Validation07/08/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW160
Community Care: Introduction to the Sector08/08/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW161
ACFI Questions and Documentation Workshop11/08/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW164
Conflict Resolution15/08/2017Holy Spirit DubboDubbo NSW 2830L17CNSW165
ACFI in Practice15/08/2017Wagga Wagga RSLWagga Wagga NSW 2650L17CNSW166
ACFI Questions and Documentation Workshop16/08/2017Wagga Wagga RSLWagga Wagga NSW 2650L17CNSW168
Clinical Governance22/08/2017Key2learningWatson ACT 2602L17CNSW173
ACFI in Practice22/08/2017Bathurst RSL ClubBathurst NSW 2795L17CNSW174
ACFI Questions and Documentation Workshop23/08/2017Bathurst RSL ClubBathurst NSW 2795L17CNSW175
ACFI Validation29/08/2017Marco PoloUnanderra NSW 2526L17CNSW176
CDC: Goal Setting31/08/2017UPA Central WestOrange NSW 2800L17CNSW179
CDC: Balancing Risk & Choice31/08/2017UPA Central WestOrange NSW 2800L17CNSW180
Clinical Governance01/09/2017Banksia VillagesBroulee NSW 2537L17CNSW183
ACFI Validation04/09/2017Garden VillagePort Macquarie NSW 2444L17CNSW184
Clinical Governance05/09/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW186
ACFI in Practice06/09/2017Sapphire Coast Aged CarePambula NSW 2549L17CNSW189
Clinical Governance19/09/2017McLean CareInverell NSW 2360L17CNSW055
ACFI in Practice19/09/2017Anglican CareBooragul NSW 2284L17CNSW191
Coronial Inquiries20/09/2017McLean CareInverell NSW 2360L17CNSW056
ACFI in Practice09/10/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW202
ACFI Questions and Documentation Workshop10/10/2017Coffs Coast LegacyCoffs Harbour NSW 2450L17CNSW204
ACFI in Practice18/10/2017Mackellar Care ServicesGunnedah NSW 2380L17CNSW209
ACFI Validation30/10/2017ACSA OfficeRhodes NSW 2138L17CNSW217
ACFI in Practice14/11/2017Crowley Care ServicesBallina NSW 2478L17CNSW224
CDC & CHSP: Managing Individualised Funding15/11/2017Garden VillagePort Macquarie NSW 2444L17CNSW226
Clinical Governance05/12/2017Amaroo Aged CareBerrigan NSW 2712L17CNSW235
Communication Skills06/12/2017Coffs Coast LegacyCoffs Harbour NSW 2450L17CNSW237