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ACFI Training

ACFI In Practice - Making it Work For You
This course will provide participants with an understanding of the requirements for the assessment and completion of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI). This course will provide participants with practical training to take back to their workplace. 

ACFI Validation

This one-day workshop will provide participants with:  an insight into the ACFI validation process  the knowledge and skills to audit ACFI packs  practical tools to take back to the workplace  This workshop is an extension to the ACS - ACFI in Practice – Making it Work for You course and you must have a minimum of 6 months experience working with the ACFI.   

ACFI Documentation 
This 2 hour workshop will provide participants with an overview of the ACFI documentation requirements in a residential aged care facility.

Course learning outcomes:
  • Outline the reasons documentation is required 
  • Outline what to document & when documentation should occur 
  • Describe the principles for good documentation 
  • Describe the purpose of clinical documentation 
  • Completion of clinical documentation practical exercises
Available on request.

ACFI Online
ACS has partnered with Provider Assist and E3 Learning to offer convenient online ACFI training.  ACFI Uncovered ensures consistent up to date ACFI knowledge across your organisation and helps to create a sustainable ACFI model. This online education series focuses on ensuring you receive the funding to which you are entitled. Our flexible learning options allow you to increase your ACFI knowledge anytime, anywhere. The course consists of 15 segments tailored to specific roles within your organisation.   

These segments
  • Provide each team member with the relevant ACFI knowledge needed to make a difference in their role
  • Helps to create a sustainable ACFI model through improved knowledge
  • Ensures consistency of knowledge across your entire organisation

To access our online courses, please click here

Course Fees

Our rates are highly competitive and we can offer great discounts.

Fees for our one day courses range from $285 to $350 per person. Generally, fees for onsite courses are lower depending on the location of the course and the number of students.

Which makes having a course delivered on-site at your organisation or in your local region more convenient and great value for money.

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