About ACS

Aged & Community Services began in 1965 as the Association of Voluntary Geriatric Agencies (NSW). The foundation members were the Anglican Church, the Baptist Church, the Big Sister Movement, the Catholic Church and the Churches of Christ. The Association of Voluntary Geriatric Agencies (NSW) was created to develop an industrial award covering conditions of employment and rates of pay for workers in residential aged care services. The name was changed in 1969 to the Voluntary Care Association and it became an industrial union of employers under the NSW Industrial Arbitration Act.

In 1991 the Association became known as the Aged Services Association (ASA). From July 2001 we adopted the name Aged & Community Services NSW & ACT (ACS), reflecting the increasing role of the Association and its members in representing and providing community care services. The Association is registered with the NSW Industrial Registrar and the Federal Industrial Registrar.

ACS is a registered industrial organisation of employers who are aged and community care providers in the non-profit, charitable sector. The ACS is a representative organisation. It represents members’ views politically at a Commonwealth and State level, either directly in its own right or indirectly via Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA).

ACS provides a comprehensive, one-stop shop for not-for-profit member organisations and for those for-profit organisations that join our Industry Advice Scheme. We are the aged and community care professionals. No other industry association in NSW or the ACT covers the full spectrum of residential care, self care and community care.